8 Things to Know Before Bringing a Hedgehog Home


Cats, dogs and hamsters are not the most popular pet choices these days. Hedgehogs make awesome pets too. Although these cuties are spiky, they are incredibly friendly and loyal. Owning a hedgehog is lots of fun, albeit you have to learn how to take care of them – it is a rocket science for someone. Before getting a hedgehog, check out the following facts about these adorable little creatures.

1. Hedgehog has 5000 to 7000 quills


Just like kids lose their baby teeth and get new ones, hedgehogs lose their baby quills. The process is painful, so if you get a baby hedgehog, find a vet who provides a high standard of care for these animals. The muscles along the hedgehog’s back can raise and lower the quills whenever a hedge feels threatened.