10 Things to Consider When Looking for a Dog


10. Dog’s age

Some people want to raise puppies and go through all the training themselves. Others are determined to rescue older dogs that have been through neglect and abuse. Before heading out to find a dog, a decision needs to be made whether the new addition to the family will be young or old. Dogs have different needs depending on their ages, so it is important for potential owners to consider the pros and cons of raising them from pups, as well as the advantages and disadvantages to rescuing an older canine.

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Adding a dog to the family is not a matter to be considered lightly. Dogs deserve to have the best owners who will dote on them and love them to death. The time, energy, and money it takes to raise and care for a dog are critical to consider before making a lifetime commitment to bringing a dog into the home. So, are you ready to have a dog?