7 Christmas Safety Tips for Cats


4. Poisonous plants

When trying to make your house more festive and elegant, you prepare a lot of hazards for your cat. Beautiful yet toxic plants such as Poinsettia, the traditional Christmas plant with bright red flowers and green foliage, are greatly dangerous for your pet since even one bite can be fatal for the animal. If you have any toxic plants at home, you should place them in inaccessible forbidden places like closet, bathroom or kitchen. You should also keep your kitten away from plants such as ivy, yew, holly and mistletoe since most pets try to taste them while playing. The leaves of these plants contains highly poisonous agents, so you have to go to the vet as soon as possible if your cat managed to swallow a small bit of it. To guard your little friend against eating the leaves, consider having faux Christmas plants.

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