10 Essential Tips for Camping with Your Pet


Having to leave pets behind when going on holiday is a traumatic experience for both the owner and the animal in question. Finding a responsible person to look after the pet can sometimes be a challenge. One option is to leave your pet with a boarding kennel but this can be expensive if you are away for several weeks. Boarding kennels are also stressful environments for pets. Therefore, bringing your cat or dog on holiday with you is the best option for both of you. Camping holidays are ideal for those travelling with animals as many camp sites will accept four-legged campers. Here are a few helpful tips for camping with your pet.

1. Call Ahead

Always call ahead and check that the campsite will accept your pet on the premises. Some campsites will only allow dogs up to a certain weight, whereas others may not accept pets at all. There may also be restrictions on the number of animals allowed into the campsite at one time, so make sure you call and make your reservation as soon as possible.

2. Ensure Your Pet’s Vaccination Card Is Up to Date

Some campsites may require you to present an up-to-date vaccination card before you can bring your pet onto the site. This is for the safety of your animal and any others that may be staying on the site. As well as vaccinations, it is advisable to treat your pet for ticks, worms and fleas before travelling.

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