11 Important Tips for Caring for Your Goldfish


6. Make sure the tank or aquarium is big enough

The aquarium must be big in size; this gives your goldfish a bigger swimming space. Oxygen circulation is also good in a larger tank. The goldfish gets enough breathing and breeding space inside a larger tank rather than in a smaller tank. Goldfish like a lot of water and a bigger tank has enough space to fill with much water. A larger tank is less likely to be contaminated by bacteria or fish waste.

7. Observe optimum temperature

Always observe and keep the right temperatures inside the goldfish tank. The temperatures should not be kept so low or extreme. Extreme temperatures might lead to low oxygen levels, which might lead to suffocation of goldfish, low temperatures might lead to loss of original goldfish color. Remember the right temperatures are paramount to the breathing of the goldfish.

8. Decorate your tank

By decorating the tank or aquarium you provide a good environment for the goldfish to hide in when it feels tired. Nowadays there are many wonderful and incredibly beautiful things for tanks, just do a little research and find the best things.

9. Ensure the tank has good gravel

The gravel you put under the tank provides a good breeding environment for bacteria, which acts as fish food; the gravel should not be too small, since the goldfish will tend to swallow small gravel. The gravel also helps the goldfish to camouflage when it sense danger. Also, the gravel should not have pointed edges that can hurt your goldfish.

10. Make sure your tank or aquarium is well covered

Make sure that your aquarium has a cover on the top to prevent your goldfish from jumping out. The cover also prevents foreign material from falling into your tank. This helps in keeping the water clean and your goldfish safe.

11. Ensure that your tank is fitted with air stones

Air stones release bubbles into the water which keeps the water surface active, this ensures that the water is well oxygenated and fresh all the time. It prevents the water from going stagnant and stale.

Follow these tips and you will provide your goldfish with a great living and breathing environment, and keep it free of disease and parasites. Do you have any other tips for caring for goldfish? Feel free to share them with us!