10 Essential Tips for Camping with Your Pet


9. Bring Plenty of Plastic Sacks and Wet Wipes

Never leave home without an adequate supply of plastic bags for cleaning up after your pet as some towns impose heavy fines for those who don’t. Packing baby wipes is also advisable as you can use them to clean hard surfaces and your pet if it becomes dirty.

10. Purchase a Pet Rucksack for Hiking Trips

If you plan on doing some hiking on your trip, purchase a pet rucksack for your dog. Carrying heavy items such as food and water can be exhausting when hiking uphill, so a pet rucksack will allow your dog to carry some of its own supplies. Make sure the bag is not too heavy even if your dog is extremely strong. Your pet’s skin is not used to the friction caused by bag straps and will easily become irritated.

Many campsites are happy to welcome well-behaved pets. A few may even offer a sitting service or provide separate exercise areas so dogs can run-off any pent-up energy. Animals love camping holidays and may even get the chance to socialize with other animals staying at the same site. Packing the aforementioned items will ensure you are prepared for any unexpected circumstances that may arise and will ensure an enjoyable holiday for both you and your pet.