9 Unique Dog Breeds You May Never Come Across

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You will see many dog breeds in your life, but there are some unique breeds you may never see. While some of these breeds have similar traits to dogs we are familiar with, others look more exotic. Regardless of their sizes and shapes, these unique dog breeds are so cute. Enjoy reading about and looking at these pups and don’t hide your smile!

Unique Dog Breeds You May Never Come Across

1. Swedish Vallhund

Swedish Vallhund

In 1942, the Swedish Vallhund almost became extinct in Sweden, but a breeding program started to save them. These dogs can capture small predators like rodents, herd cattle, and guard the house. Due to their perfect temper and love of their owners they are capable of being good pets. They are extremely energetic and they need lots of exercise.

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  1. christopher kurniawan

    I have a french bulldog puppy named oreo von cristal

  2. A chocolate Labrador named Buttons, a corn snake named Marty, a Royal Python named Seth and a Bearderd Dragon named Numinex!

  3. I have a catahoula cur. His name is Chester and he is 7 months old. Love the dog! Super friendly although he does chew everything he’s getting better at not doing that

  4. John Benjamin

    How about the “Peruvian Hairless Dog” it should be included in this list, they are saying its a suite for people with dog allergies since its hairless.

  5. Ingrid Svensson

    I have a norwegian lundehund and i i think i thinkers i thinkers the most unique dog breed in the world. The dog has six functionally toes, can close their ears, bend their neck so the scull touch their backs and they can also stretch out their arms like humans and reindeers. That was because they used to hunt puffinbirds in the cliffs and retrieve them to their owners. But the pudfinbird have been threaten for a long time so the lundehund is mostly a company dog. But the dog enjoys to do dog sport as well.

    The dog hides food and do a lot of different sounds and are very clownish, loyal to their pack and likes all animals and is and perfect family dog. The lundehund looks like a little fox and the best thing I’ve done in my life is to let the lundehund in my heart.

  6. I have a german shepherd mixed with street , named Pepsi , I love her <3 <3

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