10 Best Pet Names for Mice and Rats


10. Miss Bianca and Bernard – Both Mice

This is a bonus category with a two-for-one deal. Both of these daring mice are from The Rescuers, a 1977 animated movie by Disney. Bernard is a timid janitor who reluctantly tags along with the bold and adventurous Bianca as they go in search of Penny, a young girl who has been kidnapped. Bianca heads up the Rescue Aid Society, an international mouse organization inside the United Nations.

Both are lovable mice, with Bernard playing the part of the quiet hero and Bianca playing the role of an outspoken, but a kind-hearted leader.

Names are important, even for rats and mice. They affect how we think about our pets, how we interact with them, and even how they behave to some extent. The names above may not fit your pet perfectly, but they should give you several great places to start searching. There are many more names associated with those above, so if one doesn’t suit your needs, use it as a starting point to find others.