10 Small Pets That Are Great for Kids


10. Ferrets

Finally, the ever-curious, charismatic ferret is a soft ragdoll when asleep and a furry ball of energy when awake. Generally, ferrets live for 5 to 7 years and they’re full of personality. Ferrets must be neutered or just live in same-sex pairs or groups. You can keep a ferret as a single pet only if you are very attentive owner. Keep in mind that ferrets require several hours of out-of-cage playtime. Ferrets also require very little routine grooming, occasional coat brushing or baths and regular nails trims. Moreover, ferret’s teeth should be brushed regularly.

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There are many different pets to choose from, and finding the one that suits your kid is key. Guinea pigs have all the fun, fur and cuteness kids love. Gold fish are beautiful and fun to feed. Ants and stick insects are entrancing and little trouble to keep. All these pets are great for kids because they don’t require a lot of up-keep. Pets are great companions for kids and a wonderful way to teach responsibility. Take a trip to the pet store and see what catches your kid’s eye. What do you think of my list? Which pets are great for children? Please comment below and thanks for reading!