10 Small Pets That Are Great for Kids


5. Rabbits

Soft and furry rabbit is a great pet for your children. The large selection of rabbit breeds (there are over 40 breeds) make rabbits a popular kids’ pet. Polish, Dutch and Holland Lops are among the most popular bunny breeds, and some larger bunny breeds such as the Flemish Giant are more tolerant of handling. Since rabbits generally live for about 10 years, getting a pet rabbit is a very important commitment. Rabbits are social animals so it’s better to buy a few rabbits, but make sure that all rabbits are spayed or neutered to avoid unintended breeding. Keep in mind that rabbits don’t like to be picked up or held and incorrect handling can result in the nails of a rabbit scratching a kid, or a rabbit’s legs or back being broken or injured.

Rabbits don’t need baths because they groom themselves just like cats, but they require regular nail trims. A rabbit with maloccluded teeth need regular tooth trims done only by a veterinarian. Long-haired rabbits usually require everyday brushing. Rabbits must eat hay, so if anyone in the house is allergic to hay, a rabbit won’t be a good pet for your family.

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