9 Items of Home Decor for Pets


9. Mud Room

Dogs are messy creatures, and a run through a muddy park or woodlands is irresistible to a dog. If you have a small cloakroom or laundry room next to your front door, convert this into a small washroom for dirty pets. You can herd them straight inside after a walk, and it will certainly help to keep the rest of your home much cleaner. Tile the walls and floor, then add a small shower to rinse off mud and leaves from your dog’s coat. Just remember to fit a small door to prevent escape attempts.

Incorporating your pet into the design of your home creates a more balanced, harmonious environment. Tripping over dog beds and food bowls is an experience every pet owner can relate to. Designing their own private area is a much more enjoyable way for everyone to live together peacefully.