9 Exotic Cat Breeds You May Have Never Seen Before


4. LaPerm

Here is some history of the origin of this breed. It appeared in 1982 by the spontaneous mutation; all the kittens in the litter were normal, but for the one. The owners, Linda and Richard, were surprised to see a bald kitten with tabby spots on their skin. Over time that she grew up, a soft and curly coat appeared, so she was named Curly. At the same time, this explains the name of the whole breed – LaPerm.

Curly lived as an ordinary cat, receiving no special treatment from owners. The couple didn`t try to start a new breed but also didn`t spay her. After Curly got pregnant, her 5 male kittens were born with the same mutation. And that was actually the start of the new breed – LaPerm.

Their character may be described as calm, moderate, friendly, without any extremes. But notice that they are not that soft as you might have imagined; it`s just the other way around because of the curls. People allergic to cats will find this breed becoming as they do not provoke sharp allergic reactions and are thought to be hypoallergenic. So this cat breed is exactly what you need.

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