9 Exotic Cat Breeds You May Have Never Seen Before


9. Munchkin

Munchkin doesn’t have a specific coloration but has a genetic mutation, which causes their legs to grow amazingly short. However, this doesn’t affect their jumping and running abilities. The major problem with Munchkin lies in genetics.

Unfortunately, kittens that bear 2 copies of the Munchkin gene won’t survive. Due to this, the Munchkin breed isn’t recognized by cat registries.

Also, due to genetics, Munchkin is predisposed to have spinal deformities and sunken chests. Munchkin is considered a breed but can have the traits of another cat breed, such as Burmese or Devon Rex. They look like the main breed but with the characteristic of larger heads and short legs.

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So, these are the most popular exotic cat breeds for extraordinary cat owners. Choose the one that becomes you by the character and temper and lives happily ever after. As for me, I would have them all if I could. Tell me, which one seems to be yours? Share your ideas in the comments!